Friday, August 1, 2008

Article on animal abuse

This was a very interesting article sent in by Coboypb. I thought the point about people buying animals to fit their perceived ideas of what they ought to look like was a good one. The other day at the vet, a girl came in with a tiny puppy (far too young I thought to have been sold) and she had it in her handbag. It seemed like an accessory more than a puppy.


Anonymous said...

Neglect is a form of animal abuse. The degree of neglect varies of course.

Some people buy pets on impulse and then put them in cages so that their houses stay clean. Pets get taken out when it is convenient.
If the helper/maid leaves, the pets are also despatched off as no one in the house actually has the time to "care" for pets ie push food to dog/clean up waste/occasional bath.
If a dog shows that it has a character/personality of its own - many pet owners may not appreciate that. Most owners want a "good" dog - to behave in a way owners believe a dog shd behave....out of a cookie cutter ; )

Neglect is also not giving the pets sufficient food/exercise/cleaning/medical care and putting pets in cramped spaces.

If petstores have to give buyers a "cooling-off" period of 1 week before purchase - it may actually cut down pet neglect and save buyers from making a decision they may regret later.

Petstores sell dogs so that buyers may turn to be regular customers buying pet food from them.
If new owners are told how much time/effort/COST it would involve to keep a pet - esp GOOD pet food -many people may opt to go for a world tour instead.

Keeping a pet is NOT cheap if you want to keep pet in good condition.
Have a pet only if you are sure you have the resources to do so.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to omit an important factor : ....the resources and the HEART to do so.

Dawn said...

Well said.