Monday, August 4, 2008

No more sale of pets in

Here's an interesting article about banning the sale of pets in Saudi Arabia - but not for the usual reasons one would think of.


Anonymous said...

I agree with this first comment:
"This is one of the strangest manifestations of religious culture that I have ever heard of .... thank you for reporting this story.

It is patently stupid. I hope pet lovers in Saudia Arabia find a safe way of overcoming this foolishness."
Posted By Anonymous Jodi in Los Angeles : 8:54 PM ET

Anonymous said...

If it happens here, I would say it is good idea.
There are many abandoned pedigree/local cats and dogs waiting for a good home in shelters.
If you are a dog/cat "lover" & not a pedigree-lover, i am sure you can find a pet to adopt from spca, asd or cws.
However, i do agree that if people want a particular breed of dog/cat, they shd be allowed to have access to them.

Anonymous said...

Well check out the thread.. some people blame caregivers for "forcing" them to buy predigree cats

Anonymous said...

A 4.5 yr old tabby was returned to me recently. It was "successfully" adopted for 4 yrs to a "good" family with a screened room just for their cats. If i don't take cat back, it would go know the rest lah.

If anyone intends to help cats as fosterers for a long spell, it would be very wise to choose life-time adopters carefully.
Many people think they are good adopters bec they have the space (for that moment), time (for that moment) and the income. What if foreign adopter has to return to own country unexpectedly? Adopters are entitled to their opinion of course.

There is absolutely no reason why fosterers would want to hold back adoption unless fosterers do not think it would be in the cats' interest (fosterers are entitled to their opinions too).

If adopters are genuine about adopting a local cat-i am sure there are many community cats in the neighbourhood to choose from.
Anyone who says he/she is "forced" to buy a pedigree cat bec of fosterers, all i do is roll eyes.

Dawn said...

Exactly - nowadays it seems so many people claim to be victims.