Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Cat Matters"

This is a video about a responsible caregiver demonstrating how she practises TNRM. There's also a part 2 and 3. I liked that the caregiver was very responsible in her feeding practices, and she spoke about the need for sterilisation and mediation.


Anonymous said...

Wow....this is great. Cat care-givers are younger, articulate, knowledgable and they focus on community cat welfare.
Hopefully it dispels the bad feeling the general public has with the cat feeders who had been feeding/littering&not sterilising & thus increasing the feline population in the area.

Hopefully the media does not interview yet another aunty who talks about herself & how much $$ she spends on feeding with no mention of sterilisation.

Chinky said...

This is a good video to dispel the stereotype associated with cat feeding. This should be shown in parliament!

Anonymous said...

It should really be on TV too!