Friday, March 13, 2009

What happens to your animals after you die?

Here is an interesting story about a man stated in his will that he wanted his house sold after his death. The money raised is to go to a charity to look after dogs whose owners have died. That's one of the issues facing older pet owners - they may want to have dogs or cats with them but worry what happens if they should die before the animals.

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Anonymous said...

When we adopted the African Grey and bought kois, we did not consider the fact that they may outlive us.
African Grey could live 50-60yrs and kois (20-30 yrs but could live up to 100yrs). I read that rings in old kois' scales cld be counted like the rings in a tree trunk, to determine its age. Some tortoises have very long lives too.
However it is doubtful that such animals could live out their natural lifespan except in very rare cases.