Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The decision on whether to vaccinate yearly - and how often to vaccinate your cat rages on. However this is an interesting article about injection site sarcomas. One of our cats used to get a lump after his annual vaccination. It's worth asking your vet to consider this when they inject your cats.


Anonymous said...

Hari would get a lump at vaccination site that would be around for good part of the year.
It happened twice and vacc was stopped, he is 100% indoors.

Anonymous said...

I didn't really know there's such risk ;( The only thing i noticed about my cats after the vac is that they seemed to be REALLY tired with no appetite or mood to do anything else except sleep.

My cats are 100% indoors too but i also feed the community cats daily. Would it then make sense to do the annual vac for my home cats?

Dawn said...

Anonymous, you need to discuss it with your vet. There are some vets who still think vaccinations should be done yearly, others who think it's not necessary and perhaps once every few years may suffice, if they are indoor cats. Do speak with your own vet and bring up your concerns.

Anonymous said...

There are many websites on whether you shd vaccinate or not vaccinate your pets. Check them out.