Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pet issues can't be legislated away

Very good letter in today about legislation and whether it has been effective in helping with animal welfare problems.


Anonymous said...

Good letter showing insight to the pet abandonement issue. If the authorities would only respond to grassroot feedback and be prepared to work with the hundreds/thousands of volunteer care-givers (who have worked tirelessly over decades), issue could be resolved over time without resorting to cruel (& unsuccessful) culling.

Put a high tax on sale of pedigree dogs to deter impulsive buying. Many of these dogs are/will be abandoned during bad times. Once the maid leaves, dog is ditched too.

Good letter Ms Goh Boon Choo. Keep on writing on behalf of abandoned pets.

Anonymous said...

It should be on the print section but we can help to spread this by posting on blogs and facebook.
Those of us who mediate with the town councils realise how mundance the complaints about cats really are and then we wonder how many innocents have been culled!
It is a sad bias that active citizenry with regards to cats is totally ignored!!