Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Smalley in the Hedge

Thanks to Chinky for sending this gorgeous story - go to myanimalfamily's blog to read Smalley in the Hedge.


apple said...

i feel so sad reading this,i was tearing when Smalley's mum didn't return.Some humans r jus evil,bad hearted,n e sad thing is their children will grow up and be like em.And more animals will be killed.

Anonymous said...

Sad but true of what is happening to thousands of cats and kittens and dogs in SG.

A natural life span is not possible for most community cats & dogs. Hopefully they do not suffer unnecessarily during their short stay here.

Dawn said...

I think that there are more and more cats that are living longer, happier lives. One of the problems with the whole argument that they live short lives is that some people cease on that and say they should be killed. The problem really is that they are killed mostly because of complaints and not ALLOWED to live out their natural lives. If cats are left on their own, many would live pretty long, happy lives.