Monday, March 31, 2008

NTU Cat Cafe

I was going to scan this wonderful article in, but Aunty P saved me the hassle when I found this on her blog.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in and mentioned this. I wrote to the two ladies mentioned as well and Marcella said that she had told the journalist how CWS had been helping with the cat cafe all along as well but unfortunately there probably wasn't space for that. I was at the initial meeting with the caregivers and the school authorities - at the time, it was much smaller than it is now. It's wonderful to see how much it has grown in such a short time! CWS also helped to sponsor quite a number of sterilisations (and I believe that still is happening).


Anonymous said...

This was such a cheery article. The kittys look plump and healthy and well taken care of. Kudos to all the staff, students and especially the mgt of NTU for being so enlightened.

apple said...

G8 work dawn/Cws for enlightening e
students/teachers of e Uni.
I was so delighted and hearten when i read e Sunday Times article.
And thank u for e editorial ppl of our national newspaper for publishing e good work of Ntu.

Dawn said...

It really was Anonymous.

Apple - actually the teachers there wanted to start the programme and they did the work. We just went with them to speak with the administration about the cat cafe idea and sterilisation. I was also delighted to see the article in the papers.

yskat said...

But I don't like how the ST reported it: students can earn points by feeding stray cats. All caregivers know that taking care of community cats is a lot more work than just feeding them. The newspaper should have asked the club for a press statement.

Dawn said...

True - but I did like that they mentioned the sterilisation and the fact that the population dropped.

chinky said...

This news help to dispel the myth that feeders of cats are dialect-speaking aunties who are not quite right up there.