Monday, February 11, 2008

Ah Meng

I hope everyone had a good break over the last few days!

I am sure most of you read about Ah Meng's demise as well. She did much to advance animal welfare by making people realise that orang utans are beautiful and that just because an animal is large does not mean it is huge and vicious. It was pretty amazing to see all the people whose lives she had touched and how many people turned up to see her buried, which just goes to show what an impact a 'mere' animal can make on people.

The other animals are also obviously upset which is something any of us who have seen cats and dogs grieve would not be surprised by. However to those without much experience with animals, it does emphasise that animals aren't that far removed from us as we often like to think and that they do share the same emotions and pain.


Chinky said...

I hope Ah Meng will teach people to be kind to the animals right at our doorsteps - our community cats!

Dawn said...

chinky - yes exactly!

Anonymous said...

Hope they stop culling wild monkeys in Singapore and find ways to make the jungle a natural habitat for them. What is the difference between Ah Meng and the wild monkeys? Of course I am sad Ah Meng died and was good they gave her a dignified farewell.

Dawn said...

I agree - those poor monkeys are busy being driven out of their natural habitat. I hope that someone will realise that Ah Meng and the monkeys (or even us!) aren't that different and that they'll consider not complaining the next time a monkey comes into their garden or tries to take some food from them.