Monday, February 18, 2008

ST (18-2-08)

Nice reply by the SPCA in today's Forum page.


Anonymous said...

With tipped ear cats seen in almost every part of Singapore, surely it is time for the Government to acknowledge that this is truly active citizenry!

Show acknowledgment by
1) Funding sterilisation. The quiet method of AVA appealing to Town Council to reimburse caregivers in their sterilisation is not put into practice! TC still thinks that any hint of official recognisation sterilisation is giving in to caregivers whom they feel are antagonistic and make their jobs difficult!
2) Education town council to effect a paradigm shift in their ways they have been handling feedback about community cats. Stop this reflex calling of pest control. Empower the town council officers to tell unreasonable complainants off!
3)Dream come true : protection to the cats, if not all,at least the tipped ear ones!t This will be great motivation for caregivers to sterilise as many cats as possible and not give up in despair for fear that they will be caught and killed!

Dawn said...

Nice one Anonymous!