Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More rumours of trapping

More rumours floating around this morning about trapping happening in a certain area and again it is spreading by SMS. One of the caregivers in the area said he was going down to check the area out.

Again so far none of these rumours have been verified - and it does make me upset that all it is doing is upsetting other caregivers. I understand that the people passing on these rumours want to help protect the cats, but imagine you are at work, and you receive an SMS telling you that trapping is going to be happening right then. What are you going to do? Rush home from work?

In the areas mentioned however so far none of the blocks have had caregivers there. So it may be even more worrying because you know it's near where you are at, but no one is even there to verify it.


Anonymous said...

Rumours of animal control tend to start during longer breaks. Wonder why?

Dawn said...

No idea either Anonymous!