Friday, February 22, 2008


Watch this video of a woman and the lion she rescued six years ago. It's pretty amazing.


jules said...

Yeah, i read this story of the rescued lion and saw this video previously. It's so amazing to see such a majestic-looking lion behaving just like a manja housecat with his rescuer. We have much to learn about love and remembering gratefulness.

Aminah Bee said...

Aww! The lion so lovey-dovey! Reminds me of my pet cat Lucky!
Too bad it is confined in a cage.
The rescued lion ought to be released in an open wildlife sanctuary or nature reserve park, where it can roam freely.

Dawn said...

jules - very true.

Aminah, according to the presenter, this is supposed to be an animal sanctuary.

Aminah Bee said...

Something wrong with this "caged" sanctuary.
Animal sanctuary should run on a policy of not using cages, and let its wildlife free roaming and living in natural surroundings.

Dawn said...

I can't tell from the video - it may well be that this is the fence around the entire sanctuary rather than a cage.

Anonymous said...

There are almost always barriers - a river, a rival pride of lions or other animals or a desert. Just because there are no bars does not mean sanctuaries have no boundaries.

Aminah Bee said...

Dear Anonymous,
Of course I know of sanctuaries where antelopes, zebras,and other animals not afraid of lions because they are separated from lions by wide, deep trenches, or moats. And I know of barriers such as trenches and deserts -- I been at nature reserves/wildlife sanctuaries in USA and seen those barriers.

Dawn could be right -- perhaps the video showing a fence around the entire sanctuary rather than a cage.