Monday, February 25, 2008

ST (25-2-08)

Thanks to Vegancat for sending this in. The persistent cat complainant writes in yet again - this does go to show to me that the 'silent majority' (and I've always wondered how you can assume that they are the silent majority - if they're silent, how do you know they're the majority?) is a vocal minority. I'm quite willing to accept that the people who care for cats as much as most of us do are a minority too - but I'm not willing to accept that most people don't like cats or want them killed. In my experience, most people are against killing - they just want their problems solved, unlike this writer.

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Anonymous said...

I notice that they like to publish letters from serial complainers. You know who they are...the ones who write in time and again to complain about the most bohliao ****.(Can think of a few names immediately) While at the same time thoughtful, well written letters get rejected. Well done editors!...*claps*