Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pest Control

Someone in an earlier post remarked about all the pest control companies embarking on an islandwide scheme to trap cats. I mentioned that I didn't think this was likely based on a few things. Firstly, the sheer logistics of the thing - the number of workers that would need to be employed, the vans, cages and whether AVA would even be able to take in all the cats on a single day. Also as anyone who has trapped cats knows, it really isn't that easy. It's not as if you can assemble a squad team, trapping cats from all areas on the same day? Also of course it brings up the question, why would you, considering how difficult it is logistically.

The other thing that was brought up is that all TCs hire the same pest control company by yearly tender. They do not as far as I know and from what I have heard from the TCs. This is why when you're out you see different pest control companies in different estates. I also decided to do a google search and found out something interesting this morning. Some town councils, including Hong Kah and Marine Parade, have put up their tenders online. What is interesting is the price that the pest control companies bid and also that the period is longer than a year. Also the contracts all start at different times, presumably because not every TC was set up at the same time.

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