Friday, February 15, 2008

Ikea high chair

Ikea high chair, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

For those of you who may not have gone to Ikea recently, this is their new cat stool. It's fairly pricey though and I'm not sure my cats would like it.


kwanxw said...

ikea's products usually seem well-thought-out. This is an exception, though.
The stool's spindly legs and high centre of gravity makes me wonder whether it can withstand the impact of a pouncing cat.

and wow! the price! I agree with Dawn - this is certainly not something I would consider worth spending my $100 on!

But thanks for the update!

Dawn said...

It might make a good bar stool :)

It's quite solid and I think could withstand leaping cats but I'm not sure all cats would want to be so high.

Their cat tent is the best cat toy though!

lingcat said...

Looks comfy to sit on. =)

kwanxw said...

oh i haven't been able to find their cat tent!
I must search harder the next time I go!

kaori said...

My cats like lazing in barstools, think barstools for human use more cross-functional and cheaper - paid $79 each (colourful metallic ones) 3 years ago, think can get for ard $59 at Carrefour or the AMKHub NTUC now.

Dawn said...

It's actually from a baby website called Babytown - but I'm quite sure you may be able to get it at any baby shop. I saw it at a pet shop today too but it was about $20+ more.