Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cats in Thailand

Some of you may have seen this article about a 'mystery virus' killing cats in Thailand. It seems that the Thai Department of Disease Control thinks the most likely cause is feline distemper. This cannot transmit to people. Let's hope that people keep their heads about them - but then often facts aren't a good defence when full blown hysteria breaks out.


Anonymous said...

feline distemper, hmmm. my dog contracted distemper last year and was put down. i learnt that distemper is highly contagious and causes the nervous system to breakdown. i spoke to two vets regarding this 'distemper' disease and remembered both vets to have informed me that there is no 'distemper' in the feline world. it's very very scary because i remember that i saw my dog in one previous week, well and jumping and in next 4 days, her entire nervous system is gone and she couldn't move. totally disabled and shivering in painful muscle spasm. both vets believed that she was in great pain. distemper is so contagious that my dog was put down right inside my car in the rain because the vet do not allow my dog to enter into the clinic. in fear that infectious virus spreads. anyway, what i'm saying here is that if this feline distemper is to exist and spread (the dog version spread like wild-fire), we better get ready. some of the first batch of dogs that contracted distemper at the boarding house were not put down, understandably so because the owners do not believe in PTS and couldn't bare to put their dogs down while such a decision is also obviously of a selfish nature. so they attempt to cure their dogs with distemper. but because distemper cannot be contained without proper medical facilities, it spread. and so my dog was the last batch, otherwise literally the last dog at the kennel to be infected by distemper. and she had to die. 1) the vet strongly advised so because of contagious factor, 2) it's the most UNselfish thing to do so that my dog do not spread it to another. Then what about my innocent dog? She got it last and she had to die. So we can imagine how scary this feline distemper can be. Maybe we can start reading up and sharing info wrt feline distemper. It's a terrible disease. i cannot imagine losing my cats to distemper. -orange-

Dawn said...

Hi Orange, I'm very sorry to hear about your dog. You might want to read the link about feline panleukopenia (also known as distemper). It's not actually uncommon but vaccination has helped to cut down its spread.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info, orange.