Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In defence of the macaques

There's a great article in the Straits Times Review section today on the whole macaque incident stating all the reasons why he felt that the poor monkeys had been vilified. I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately the article is not accessible for free so you may need to get a copy of the Straits Times or check out the article if you're a subscriber (the article wouldn't load when I tried a few minutes ago).

Also here's another article about a dog in a Buddhist temple sent in by Aminah and Yskat - thank you!


Anonymous said...

The culling mentality of AVA needs to be culled! Why doesn't it educate the people!!
Is this killing propensity so deeply ingrained in the mentality of AVA, Town Councils, MND, HDB, that there is NO of salvation?
Will we start culling human beings once we finish off every other animals on this island?

Dawn said...

I think one of the issues is that people are resistent to change. There are so many better alternatives to killing. It is cheaper and more effective to pursue alternatives and more humane.

It's also quite worrying that people don't question what happens to the animals. There is a sort of 'let's leave it to the authorities' mentality. Undoubtedly some don't ask because they don't want to know, but there are others who just want the matter to be taken care of without thinking things through. Where else will the monkeys (or cats) go except to be killed?

Anonymous said...

It just shows that beneath our wealth, we are basically a very selfish lot of people who do not give a damn of what happened to others as long as we get to enjoy ourselves on OUR properties, in our cars! Someone wrote in stomp that he was so hurt by paw marks of a cat on his newly washed car in the morning! So utterly shallow we have become!

Dawn said...

It's also a shame because it shows that instead of becoming more gracious and compassionate, we're probably regressing emotionally and socially even as we progress financially.

chris said...

i seriously think that ava should practise adoption in their pound. the dogs/cats there could make a perfect pet for that some1 out there.

as for the monkeys, have a heart, let them return back to their nature.

human are so weird. they wanna be away from the busy city life, built a house alongside a quiet with the hills n the forest to enjoy serenity yet complain when nature sets in.
if you wanna live near any nature reserve parks, you have to be prepared!
just like if you are living near industrial areas, there'll bound to have strays/mongrels!

singaporeans needs to THINK logically.

Dawn said...

chris - I agree. Why not give some of those cats a chance?

As for the monkeys, you're right, nature is not in a bubble. You can't live in a nice green area and expect to not have birds, monkeys, leaves, etc.

chinky said...

The same goes with people who "choose" to live on ground floor or second storey with a wide parapet when they complain of cats coming into their flats. Town council rejected advice by caregivers to ask these complainants to mesh up their windows or put crushed camphor balls on the parapet because "it is unreasonable"! I wonder what the TC would reply if these low floor residents of smell from rubbish chutes, burglars, noise from passing cars, smog from joss burning?

Dawn said...

I actually do remember a case that I dealt with that was along those lines. The resident complained the garbage from the trucks was too smelly. He also complained that the cats were bothering him - and then when we went down, we found him playing with the cats.