Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Of dead Cats and feeding

Here's a really nice video from Vegancat - I like that he not only left an irresponsible feeding brochure, but also a folded up bowl for the irresponsible feeder in the area. Let's hope the person took the hint.

At the same time, here's an exhibition you will WANT to miss. It seems that she does kill the animals for use in her photos. Her gallery's website has a statement which when you click on it doesn't work - but this is apparently the statement they issued earlier.


Anonymous said...

Vegancat, great job.

apple said...

Vegancat,i luv e Teresa Teng song.
Nice clip,Tua Pui Meow has any catpals?Maybe u should feed em less,they r kind of on e heavy side.....:)

Anonymous said...

why are there irresponsible feeders everywhere? I ask are we not doing enough to educate these people? Anyone read about the hundreds of kangaroos face cull in australia in Today paper? Sigh.. people always can't seem to put their heads together for a better way out.. I seriously doubt the day will come for our community cats to receive recognition from hdb or the TCs.. It may just be an unrewarding journey for many of us.. n i feel so sorry for that..

Anonymous said...

When I was in Australia I saw kangaroo meat being sold as dog food in the markets. Kangaroo shooting is a multi-million industry in Australia..it's state-sponsored exploitation of wildlife and nothing more

see: http://www.savethekangaroo.com

Dawn said...

Anonymous - tua Pui Meow might feel hurt :)

Anonymous - I really don't know. I don't even think it's lack of education as much as the fact that people think they're doing the right thing by feeding, and they don't think through the consequences.

Haven't seen the article - will go look it up. I do think however that there will be a time when community cats WILL receive their recognition - and that's because I see much more recognition now than ever before.

Anonymous said...

Did Vegancat pick up the fold up bowl made of paper after feeding?
I thought must clear food papers or food bowls after feeding? If Vegancat do not pick up the folded paper bowl, then he or she is also guilty of littering.

Anonymous said...

The :)

Anonymous said...

The paper bowls were picked