Thursday, March 27, 2008

Video of man demanding cats be removed

Thanks to Tarsier Girl for sending this link in. It's pretty sad to see someone making threats against the cats again. I'm not sure if the caregivers were allowed to see if the marks were indeed made by cats or if the person in the video just made the assumption. Obviously removing and killing them will just mean MORE cats move in rather than less as the vacuum effect kicks in - which is something the people who ask for the cats to be removed never seem to consider.

I'm not sure what was said before the person started filming but appeals to the complainant on the basis that he or she will be punished by God rarely work on their own. It is of course better to explain that the cats are there, they are sterilised and that removing them means more cats will move in - meaning that if the person is convinced cats are scratching it, then using his or her logic, there will be MORE cats potentially scratching his car. This of course may all have already been said prior to the video being filmed.

At the end of the day, it's a public carpark. There ARE risks parking there - and working WITH caregivers helps to minimise risks, and helps the car too.


Anonymous said...

another damn evil fxxking murderer. idiot! cats do not scratch cars. i have a brand new car and everyday there are 4 cats (including 2 macho toms) who comes by to my brand new car and they do NOT and has NEVER scratch my car. for goodness sake. cats scratch on texture. last night i was at the neighbour and feeding a few cats. suddenly i van strolled up and the driver stared at me. it was a pest control van. blood shot up my veins and i took down all the details of the van. tonight if i don't see those cats, i will curse the murderers. by the way, ask the ugly guy in the video to read my response here : you ugly toadface from mountbatten huh? All your cars this sorry lifetime of yours will have scratches and be vandalised. i WILL pay china workers with itchy fingers similar to yours to go "beautify" your car. take this from me!

Anonymous said...

read this from from a forum last evening.

it's really scary how human could not even 'tolerate' living animals.

-he claimed he called pest control in n payin them 2000? did i hear wrongly from e video?

anyway he's jus plain ignorant of strayworks.

Anonymous said...

Abusers can mis-use the free loan of traps from AVA, so sign this petition
Please Stop the Free Loan of Cat Traps for the Purpose of Killing Cats

Pest controllers, even if paid 2k by this man, must surrender the cats to the AVA. So please ask AVA to be responsible by asking
1)Why are the cats caught?
2)Say we will not waste taxpayers' $ by killing cats just because someone paid the pest controllers
3)Write to protect the tipped ear cats each tip ear = effort, time and $ put in by caregivers

Anonymous said...

yes! so if you mountbatten bastxxd murderer and the rest of your cheap car clan murderers were to cull just one cat which cost $200 to sterilize, i will make sure that each of my 1 dollar equals to 1 scratch on your fxxking car! and for each unsterilized cat you cull, you all can be sure to burn in hell.

apple said...

Moron,pick on somebody your own type!!!

Anonymous said...

in all fairness, I think this guy is really frustrated cos no one wants to listen to his requests and as he said the feeder even made fun of his Indian accent. If he really was as uncompromising as claimed, I don't think he will even suggest moving the cats. He will tell you what infamous Mr Tan said. That he is proud of trapping cats. He is doing his part to give suggestions and this feeder must have really pissed him off for him to react like this.

Why not instead of cursing and swearing here, let's work to solve the issue. Just as cats and caregivers have rights, residents have their concerns too. Why not explain it to them instead of screaming at them and calling them names. I am sure if I go around calling all of you bloody crazy cat freaks, you won't like it and so calling this guy names and making fun of his accent is not going to help the situation.

Dawn would you know if there is anyone from CWS who can go mediate on this case?


Anonymous said...

Agree with Eskywan,Dawn, that there is an urgency to mediate before the cats are rounded up (hope it is not too late!).

Dawn said...

Good point Eskywan - though of course we only saw part of this conversation. Perhaps the caregiver DID reason with him earlier. On the other hand, perhaps the complainant may have facing this for a while. As you said, it is important to explain to him in a logical reason why the cats should not be removed.

I agree though that as difficult as it can be, it is always best to take the higher ground and refrain from personal insults. If the complainant does so, then anyone objective will also see that you're the more logical and reasonable person.

I don't believe CWS has the manpower to mediate right now but do write in and check. I know of a caregiver in the area (who wasn't involved in this video) so am writing to ask her if she knows about it.

Anonymous said...

Through Stomp, I have been corresponding with Mr Kumar and he did say he just wants the cats to be moved, nothing about killing them. And yes I guess as more and more insults are hurled at him from posts in Stomp and here, he is getting more and more irritated. Bickering and throwing insults and calling him names are not going to help. I appeal to the feeder whom I am quite sure has been following all these to listen to reason. As what Dawn said, it's better to explain logically to the complainant then use statements like "GOD will punish you and your family"

In reality, the only people who will be punished are not humans but the cats.

Hope that you can get in touch with that Caregiver. Let me know if you need my help.

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to sign off. and The last statement is attention to Dawn.


Anonymous said...

in this case, what is the difference between wanting to have the sterilized and managed cats removed and killed?

Anonymous said...

Anon, I think Mr Kumar never wanted to kill the cats nor remove them. As stated he asked if they could feed the cats 2 blocks away. What kind of response was given to that request, we don't know however from the video, it was not that of a malicious man speaking calmly on how he feels he is right in trapping cats like a certain individual we know. The video shows words of anger from a man who has had it to the limit. I think we should really understand that and not keep harping he is a cat killer etc....

Both parties are already hot headed enough. Let's not add more oil to the fire.


Dawn said...

Eskywan - could you help with talking to the complainant then since you are already in contact with him? I'm waiting to hear from the caregiver too. Perhaps you can drop me an email?

Anonymous said...

This is again not a cat issue.
A man was inconvenienced and he hoped to find a solution to his problem. He talked to the person whom he thought could have caused the problem - and he got insulted repeatedly. Not once did the man utter a personal insult.
Instead of solving the problem, what i see on the video is a woman being rude to the guy and calling the guy names like "ignorant", imitating the way he talked and bringing the wrath of God. Bringing up the fact that she drives a "BMW" would be implying of her high economical status. But the fact remains that she does not live in that area and she is inconveniencing people like the man who is a resident of that area. So it is up to her to miniminise the problem and NOT insult the residents of that area where she is feeding community cats.

Trying to the champion of cats without consideration to others would bring more confrontation like this incident.

Who suffers in the end?
The cats again.

Anonymous said...

Dawn I have dropped you an email. And I agree with the last anon. It is no longer a issue of cats but more a dispute between 2 individuals and the cats are getting caught in the middle.


Dawn said...

Exactly Anonymous - sometimes the problem is that the feeders get too emotional, which is understandable, because they fear the cats being killed. However the complainant may or may not have approached them just wanting resolution - if the feeder does not do that and instead of dealing with the problem, this can make the problem worse. As you rightly said, this has become an issue about two people, and it's not about the cats.

Eskywan, thanks - have replied.

n said...

Flamewar on stomp. Check it out. Now I remember why I don't go to that site. too many goddamn idiots. Maybe we should all now start to carry video cams in case of verbal abuse. Those ugly singaporean types are face-conscious and will shut up in the face of public scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

The video was obviously taken by the woman's friend - literally/physically on her side. The man was clearly shown, putting him at a disadvantage..... and herself a silhouette, an anonymity.
The man is probably not prepared for this encounter as the woman & friend came "armed" with the video camera and ready for the confrontation.

Yes, I don't care for his threats for getting the cats killed....but
the other "side" did not across as nice.

I love cats but i certainly don't care for people coming to my area to feed community cats on their high horse... erh...BMW and make fun of me and my accent on my home turf - on its own, this is what the video shows.

Hope the cats come out this unscathed.

Dawn said...

n - that's why I generally stay away from the site too. Usually anonymity does make it easy for people to sling insults they wouldn't dream of uttering in real life.

Thanks to eskywan who has offered to help in mediating. I've offered my help if I can help in any way too.

Dawn said...

And yes, Anonymous, at the end of the day, the cats are going to be the one who are the most likely to suffer.

Anonymous said...

This has been a 'tug of war' issue with the residents and feeders ever since we started feeding strays about 10 years back. We have also recieved many stares and awlful remarks from neighbours over these past years.

Responsible stray cat feeders do not leave newspapers, foils and litter all over. We feed them a little dry food each time and try to make friends with them in order to catch and sterilize them. ( And we have successfilly done so many times). We have been doing our part in keeping the neighbourhood clean and controlling the cat population.

Please think what could happen to the cat population and the neighbourhood if stray-cat feeders do not take the effort to befriend these cats and than trap them to steralize? What will the rubbish bins, dumps and the neighbourhood look like if the cats feast on them?

With the number of construction works going on and the increase number of waste, we have noticed an increase of stray cats coming over...

Jalan Batu

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

Hi Jalan Batu, sterilising and feeding responsibly is wonderful and I'm sure you've done a good job.

However, the question in this particular video is not about the sterilisation or the feeding. The complainant has a problem with the cats on his car. Now whether this is a genuine complaint or not (ie whether the cats really have scratched his car - as opposed to what he may have perceived as the cats scratching his car), I don't know.

From this video though, the feeder didn't seem to address any of the issues and instead mentions a lot of things that are irrelevant. I'm not sure if other issues where mentioned before the video was filmed. However this isn't going to solve the problem and doesn't answer the complainant's problem.