Thursday, March 6, 2008

Trapped cats

I received an SMS from someone who had forwarded it from someone else which was rather garbled. It seems that someone had trapped the cat on a Friday and meant to send it away only on a Monday either to the SPCA or AVA (it wasn't specified). The person claimed that the cat was given no food or water and wanted someone to get the cat out. The person was asking that someone ring a number given, who was somehow connected with the cat.

First of all, it is best that the person who is directly involved call at once. If you've seen it happen, you are the best person to call because (1) you know all the information and (2) you have evidence of it happening. If you're trying to get someone else to call and that person has neither information, nor evidence, then they're just going to deny it.

Secondly, if you DO know of someone starving a cat, then please DO call the report it to the AVA or police. No one is allowed to trap a cat and then deny it of food or water for a few days. A few of you may remember the dogs that were in a van over a weekend a few years ago and they died. The owner of the van was prosecuted. It does not matter that they intend to send the cats to be killed - during the time that the cats are with the person who has trapped them, that person is obligated to treat them humanely.


chinky said...

I received a sms like this, with a name and number of a guy supposedly a pest controller, some weeks ago.

Dawn said...

How odd - wonder when it originated.