Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today (18-3-08)

Thanks to Vegancat for sending in this letter from Today on dog abandonment and the failure to curb the sale of dogs.


Anonymous said...

AVA is impotent and makes mockery of the word "WELFARE"!

yskat said...

Funny that AVA thinks people will actually buy that "free market" reason. Everybody knows that our public transport system is so not "free market".

Anonymous said...

It's "templatuous" mentality that prevails from AVA to HDB to Town Councils. One reason could be overpaid CEO's who want everything status quo to avoid killing the rooster that lays the golden eggs!
Why bother to change things and stir up the hornet's nest!
After all the people who speak up is just a "minority"!
Unless the young people become more vocal! There isn't much hope of a change