Monday, March 10, 2008

News on cats

Here's two articles sent in by blog readers over the weekend.

First the horrible article on cats being killed in the run up to the Beijing Olympic games. Anonymous posted it in one of the comments for an earlier post but I thought it was of interest to repost it in case anyone missed it.

On the other side of the spectrum, read this story about a lion and his human family. Thanks to Wiggie for sending this in.


Anonymous said...

Chinese are highly skilled "barbarians!" naming cat and dog meats in fanciful names! Dog meat is known as "fragrant meat"!

Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere we can speak out against these f$#$%s!! First they kill the dogs now this!

Dawn said...

Anonymous I believe Animals Asia is trying to do something, but I've been searching the Net and haven't found anything very concrete.

Chinky said...

Start a boycott to state "We are not watching,listening or reading any news about the olympics!"

Aminah Bee said...

We can help stop the killing of cats in China by boycotting China.
Animal lovers, please don't visit China. Why spend your tourist dollars on a country that culls cats and dogs.
Don't promote the economy of China.
Boycott purchasing China made products, their movies and their services.
Don't buy China made food, toys, clothes, anything made in China.
Remember the pet food recalls?
Even China made pet food kills our pets, so please don't buy petfood made in China.
Please boycott and don't participate in the Olympic Games in China.
Don't watch the Olympics games on TV.
Show the barbaric country China that we care for the welfare of animals.

yskat said...

As far as I know, this is a continuation of what the Beijing government has been doing for years - clearing the city of "undesirable" elements so that it can look nice and clean for outside visitors. For sure, the cleaning up for the 2008 games is probably more massive than before. As Haruki Murakami says in his essays on the Sydney Olympics: the event is a complete bore.

Anonymous said...

also, see on the other side of the Pacific:

"DES MOINES, Iowa - Attention, cat haters: There's money to be made in Randolph, which is offering a $5 bounty for each feral feline turned in"

Dawn said...

Yes Alley Cat Allies is working on this too and are asking people to send letters to the Mayor as the city officials apparently have no fax or email.

Anonymous said...

There was an article in Life about this couple that paid 12K for a ticket to the seems that millions of tickets have already been sold.. Sigh, as usual all the horrid stuff will end up getting swept under the carpet. Olympic bloody games indeed..what is there to cheer about?