Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Animals in Action

Some very interesting photos - some of them really do make you wonder (do we really need to see a bear sitting on a horse????). It does go to show the loveliest photos are the most uncontrived ones - where the animals are behaving naturally.


Anonymous said...

It just has got to be the PRC Chinese that come out with "brilliant" ideas like this.

Anonymous said...

BINGO! visit this website to learn of the PRC Chinese world in their treatment of animals >>
(Warning : Tormenting photographs and information. Appeal : Please help generously if you can.)

Anonymous said...

China again :(

Aminah Bee said...

Pertaining the "interesting photo" of bear performing horse-riding at the Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Park in Guilin, China: it is a well-known fact they sell tiger parts at the Xiongsen Bear & Tiger Park.
We should boycott the place, boycott shows involving animal abuse such as animal shows, circus acts, etc.
Do not pay to watch an animal perform tricks or patronise places that have performing animal shows.
More info on Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Mountain Village/Farm cruelty to animals can be found at this site -

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