Thursday, May 15, 2008

Papier Marche Dog

Papier Marche Dog, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

Yskat sent this in - it's a papier marche dog. Yskat saw it in a shop that sells funeral goods - apparently this is a special order and is offered as a pet for the deceased. This is not a standard item - Yskat did not see any cats in the shop.


Chinky said...

Good that it looks more like a local dog than a pedigree! :)

Anonymous said...

Obviously besides the paper houses, maids, money, credit cards - a paper dog would cheer the deceased in the other world.

Paper cats will be popular if they do not pee/poo/eat & are always in perfect health. Cleaning up more litter boxes in the next life is not appealing.

Anonymous said...

I think once an official in Taiwan appealed to the people to save the environment by just burning a paper credit card, unlimited.
With the Chinese in China burning as well, the global heating up will burn all of us to hell!

Dawn said...

That's a very interesting suggestion!