Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Times (4-5-08)

Sunday Times (4-5-08), originally uploaded by dawnkua.

There's a great article in today's Sunday Times about home health care and how more people are opting to stay at home rather than go into hospitals. For anyone who's stayed in a hospital, it only makes sense - if you are able to live in your own home comfortably, why wouldn't you?

The man in the photo, Mr Jamil, said that he doesn't want to leave his cat. He also mentioned that when he fell in the bathroom, the cat ran next door to get his neighbour for help. That's love :)


Anonymous said...

Very touching. The man does not have very much but he loves his sweet old cat and cannot bear to leave her.

Anonymous said...

Mr Jamil is lucky to have kind neighbors.Sometimes ppl who live in 1 0r 2roomers,have kinder neighbors than those who live next to 4 or 5rms neighbors.(like mine).My 5rm neighbor r well- off, selfish,bad hearted jerks!