Friday, May 16, 2008

Letters in support of the cats

Thanks to Chinky for sending this letter in :-

Sterilising is best way to prevent more strays

There was also a very good letter here :-

Culling sends wrong message to children


Anonymous said...

The bastard Tony T** K*** T*** strikes again. See todays ST forum!!!

Dawn said...

I read the letter after you posted this and didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Anonymous said...

TKT didn't even try very hard to disguise his deep seated hatred for cats!
This guy needs medical help! He is one sicko!

Anonymous said...

I think that it is right that we cull everything that crosses our path. After all we are humans, the superior race, the one that God has look on with favor. Hence it is our divine right to do as we please with every other creature below us. Kill, cull, hunt, skin. Anything that is in our way or irritates us. We should never hesitate to take firm and immediate action against them. While we are at it, perhaps we can also cull our aging parents as they are old and useless. Cull mentally disturbed and handicapped people as they are a bother and a blight on the glory of the Human race. And finally when we are done with everything, we can finally enjoy ourselves in our sterile concrete jungles on a earth devoid of nature and wait it out while we die when the earth ecosystem collapses. Maybe then we will start culling each other.


Chinky said...

Soylent green

When the earth is left with only...urgh!! Homo sapiens!!

Dawn said...

I read the letter and had to shake my head because it had so many inconsistencies and just plain wrong facts. I should post the link for people who missed it - together with a cogent letter from someone who spoke up for the cats.