Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ST (21-5-08)

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Anonymous said...

The problem with Singaporeans is that we don't realise how detached we becoming from "nature" and we think it is a good thing. We think it is normal to live in flats and be obessessively clean with no "animals" in our midst because they spread disease to us!
When I was in a zoo in Perth, anmgo parents encouraged their kids to touch the animals, Chinese parents held on tight to their kids and brainwashed them that the animals were dirty.
Is it strange that we have lots of abuses here? Directly such as the recent killings of cats and indirectly by complaining to the town councils and the AVA to do the "abuses" for them! It is so ironic that AVA administers the animal cruelty act when its services include free loan of cat traps! Shame on AVA! Utterly useless department whose only mantra is pet responsibility!!
All these big shots in AVA getting big fat salaries out to be culled!

Anonymous said...

There you go, more paranoia, more assumptions that all dogs are ferocious beasts waiting to rip your children to shreds. Its sad how far removed Singaporeans are from animals and nature

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see a bunch of kids approaching a cat, I always stood and watch for fear the cat will be harmed!
And if any cat will to retailiate to any of the kids' abuse, their parents will make sure every cat is killed by calling up the town council and give an exaggerated account! And the wonderful thing is that town council will believe them!

Anonymous said...

Whatever the case, one should respect non pet owners by not allowing their pets to go near others and keep their pets on a leash at all times. Honestly not everyone share your kind of love and it is not their fault and you cannot blame their character for it. They tolerate these animals in the same living space, respect them by not allowing your pets to run amok and use excuses like "it's your problem that you don't like animals"


Anonymous said...

No one is asking them to love animals. But seriously people need to get rid of the mindset that all animals are dangerous. It is these same people who demand that stray dogs and cats be culled and tell their children that animals spread disease. If they fear even free roaming pets, how much less will they tolerate stray animals that are never leashed or confined?