Thursday, May 15, 2008

ST (15-5-08)

Thanks to Chinky and E_Cat for sending this letter in. More complaints about feeding and how people ought to be fined for feeding community cats.


Anonymous said...

by all means they can go ahead and fine..
FINE only those people who jus feed and go without clearing the mess.

these are not cat caregivers, they are jus simply throwing food on the floor.
TRUE catcaregivers feed responsibly.

Dawn said...

Absolutely - though I don't think that people who throw food around should be treated any differently from anyone who litters. No one would have an issue with someone who drinks a can of Coke for example, but the minute you toss that can irresponsibly, or leave it and don't pick up - that's littering. It doesn't mean that people who drink Coke are intrinsically anti-social.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that mess left behind by people (canned drinks, tissue paper, left-over packed meals) is invisible to some people? Just take a look at the mess below the letter boxes lah. Govt (also gave up) built a trough for the garbage.

If there is no food left behind by cat care-givers, some people will still complain abt "do-gooders". Just because they r unlike "them".

If people queue up to buy 4-D and block up the passageway - do i complain if i don't "play" 4-D ??

Live and let live.

Dawn said...

Well said!

E_Cat said...

This can be defamatory. The responsible NTU team now is under negative light with this unconsulted use of their photo. I understand the NTU team might speak to the paper.

Dawn said...

That might be tough because the copyright for the photo does belong to the ST - and My Paper is a sister company I think? Obviously you are speaking about defamation which is different and it's definitely worth talking to them to register their unhappiness.

Anonymous said...

Just look at the leftovers on tables and on the floors of hawker centres. They are disgusting! And the poor elderly cleaners get fierce stares if they don't clean up fast enough!
Just look at the letter box areas and see all the flyers and opened envelopes on the floor!
Just look everywhere..there is litter litter litter...
So why are some people calling for the cats to bleed for leftovers that result from our own species!

The way we Singaporeans treasure cars above the lives of another species and the way we ask others to do our killing (because "I don't condone the killing of animals") show how seriously sick we are!
Look at how generous poor people in our neighbouring countries share food with the strays and then take a hard look at how unhappy we really are..Poor Rich Singaporeans who strive on complaining complaining complaining..

Encouraged by a pandering Gahmen.

People who put in effort to sterilise cats are sometimes treated like "dirt"!

Dawn said...

Very true Anonymous - often it seems as if the cats are blamed when more often than not, the culprits are the people.