Saturday, May 24, 2008

ST (24-5-08)

Here's a nice reply from the SPCA to the letter from Tan Tuan Khoon.

Unfortunately he is at it again with this new letter. Again he refuses to acknowledge that these aren't pet cats but community cats. Also I love how the vacuum effect is dismissed as 'not practical in our highly urbanised theory' - and some people say the same about evolution. Just because it doesn't suit your point of view doesn't mean it's not true because the facts speak for themselves. As I've said time and again, there shouldn't be ANY cats left in his estate if the vacuum effect isn't true.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how Mr Tan got two no-sense letters published within a short period of time! Connection?
Or perhaps SPH wants him to amuse the readers?

Anonymous said...

Apparently such controversial rubbish enhances readership. Wonder where TTK gets his facts and figures? Out of his ass obviously. Let us all now point and laugh.

Anonymous said...

There may be more fleas and ticks in Mr Arsehole T K Tan's home ceiling forever. The tick family wrote a memo last evening saying that their kids are looking forward to vacation inside Mr Arsehole Tan's arsehole for upcoming december hols and over chinese new years. They are also making plans to migrate into this arsehole before the March school holidays next year. Their pregnant flea cousins have also decided to lay eggs in the Tan Arsehole as they are sure the baby fleas will love it there. Father fleas and Mother fleas shared that it is important to lay eggs in a special place that is so landed, so private, so arsehole-tan. The fleas and ticks expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Mr Arsehole Tan and his arsehole for being special. Cheers to you, Mr Arsehole Tan! Regards, F K You (Mr)

Anonymous said... wonders indeed at Mr Tan's state of hygiene! And blaming the cats for bringing in parasites? I think he has a magnetism for parasites because he is the mother of parasites, using OUR money to do his killing!

Dawn said...
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Anonymous said...

The media likes people like Mr T** as he would provide entertainment if the other party takes the bait and comment on his nonesense.
The best policy is to ignore him and not give him the attention.

The more attention he gets, the media would continue to bring him out now&then to generate some controversy.

A good example of media-show would be like that of a certain an opposition "politican" who is reasonably presentable and educated.
However, in this case, the media (knowing which side of their bread is buttered) makes him out to be a clown. You do not get to hear his side much, only the stupid parts.
Here you have Mr T**, a perfect clown & media is trying to make him into a crusader against cats.

Anonymous said...

Indeed one who is really smart doesn't read the ST! It never presents a balanced view!

AutumnPiglet said...

I agree with Anonymous #1. How is it that TK Tan keeps having his letters (or should I say nonsensical diatribe) published? It really does seem that ST likes to publish letters that generate controversy and gives an unbalanced perspective to issues.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why no letters from Malay on this issue? None wrote or none of their letters published?
As majority of cat owners are probably Malay, it will be good if they can speak out to improve their welfare!
Why this lack of activism amongst them?