Monday, July 21, 2008

Cats in accident

Here's an article about cats in the Jalan Penimpin estate. Apparently one of them was run over and now people are complaining about the cats being a traffic hazard. The caregiver says that she was misquoted and that the two security guards there were actually new and not very aware of the situation in the estate. It is a shame that a situation like this, while undoubtedly unfortunate for the man and the cat involved, should make it to a national newspaper. Also how this has become 'cat town' is also beyond me. One can only assume it was a slow news day.


Anonymous said...

I was at Jln Pemimpin in the late afternoon last week. Had to drive around bec could not find Bosch showroom - did not see a single cat.
Do NOT feed cats on the side of the road. It is dangerous for the feeder, cats and others.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that it was the same cat in both the photos?