Saturday, July 5, 2008

ST (5-7-08)

Sounds like a neighbour dispute to me - I have to say that if someone does come and tell you that your cat is wandering, it is best to do something about it, whether it be to keep the cat in, or to work with your neighbour to ensure that the soiling doesn't happen again. I have to say though I'm not sure how the cat dirties cars (walks on the car with dirty little paws?). I also don't think the cat intends to hide in corners and 'startle people'.


Anonymous said...

Hahhaa....i got 'startled' many times by kids dashing around esp in narrow aisles of supermarts.
I don't think the kids intend to startle anyone either. Their single-mindedness in what they were doing did not include others in their way.

Cats on the other would keep out of the way of strange humans.
The cat was probably "startled" first by approaching humans and dashed off to get out of the way.

Anonymous said...

A kid once jumped out at me behind the pillar with a BIG "boo" at the void deck, thinking i was his friend who was way behind me.
I was near to panic attack and i really felt like giving him one big slap across his cheeky face.
Cats do startle me sometimes when i accidentally stepped on them, well....must they always stand behind me when I feed...hmm..