Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ST (19-7-08)

Thanks to Eslina who sent this in. I missed it as I was really busy over the weekend - again, it's a case of the writer not being aware of what is really going on here. This is very likely someone's cat not a 'stray cat' or a community cat someone is feeding upstairs especially as the writer says she's lived there for years and the cat only recently started defecating in her pots -and the caregiver has said it's not one of hers. Stopping the caregiver from feeding will not help - it's important to find the person who is letting their cat roam. Also it's not about 'toilet training' - the problem is that if the cat is wandering down from a flat and has done it in that pot, it considers the pot it's 'toilet' so in fact, it IS toilet trained. To quote the writer none of the solutions she suggested go to the 'root cause'.

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