Monday, July 28, 2008

Cats not the danger, inattentive drivers are

Thanks to chinky who sent this piece in, in response to the article about cats being a danger on the road in Jalan Penimpin. I especially like the line about how cats aren't a danger, but inattentive drivers are. How true.

Just the other day, a child ran behind my car as I was reversing. Do we then ask that children be banned from the roads because they could potentially be a danger?

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Anonymous said...

Jln Pemimpin is lined mainly with commercial buildings and a few rows of residential houses. The traffic is mainly vans and lorries and only a few cars.
Basically you don't need to go thru Jln Pemimpin to get somewhere as there is Marymount Road which is a wider road.
Jln Pemimpin is relatively safe for cats if cats are fed out of people's way & not at side of road.

My friend lives in one of the houses and i have not heard her complain about cats.