Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cats in the heartlands

Great article - thanks Chinky for sending this in. I think one point that perhaps wasn't emphasised enough (if the comments are an indicator) is that if the cats are sterilised, they won't breed.


calsifer said...


Dunno if it's just me but comment by Time2act at Thu Jul 03 21:44:48 SGT 2008 reminds me very very very very very very very very very much of Mr Tony TK Tan of Seletar leh.

Anonymous said...

It did cross my mind that this a**h*** disguised himself and posted the comments too.

Anonymous said...

Ilostmyball's comments are really "catch no ball". Retards like him should be sterilized so as not to pollute the gene pool.

Anonymous said...

People are SO worried about their cars. Cars are to take you from PtA to PtB lah.
If scratches are stressful, it just proved S'poreans are stressed. Our car had been scratched by people with keys (if they thought that we had parked in "their" space). Or scratches/marks when the neighbouring car door knocked against ours. Or some car "kissed" ours now&then. What is the big deal ??
Never once, scratched by a cat though we welcome cats to sit on the car anytime. Probably say bias lah, but it is true.
Collect enough dents (some are made by us) and get car's exterior done up lor ... dents and scratches are part of life.
You want to see the car?? Hahaha...we park it anywhere and everywhere without a backward glance. How much more fun that is ; ) Yes, you won't believe this, we CAN afford a fancy car, we DON"T want - we bought the same new car (slightly newer model each time) 3 times - once every 5 years.

Cats are part of the community - they have a right to live just like humans.