Thursday, July 17, 2008

No feeding of cats

No feeding of cats, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

Certainly yesterday's poster was better than this gem sent in by coboypb. Is one of the cats chasing the others? And if it's about stopping irresponsible feeding why is there no evidence of feeding at all? If I didn't read English, it'd look to me as if it said no cats - perhaps the subliminal message the TC is trying to put across?


Chinky said...

I don't understand why this "national" fervour to rid the island of all animals.

In Europe, New Zealand and Australia, there are signs to warn of animals crossing. Some places even accommodate for crossing of frogs.
In Singapore, we blame cats running across roads for accidents and our gahman would kwai kwai "remove" (aka "murder") the cats in response to feedback, instead of educating car owners to driver slower because children may just as well dash across! I don't think there will even be a sign that says "Drive carefully, cats crossing!" in my lifetime if the prevailing negative gahmem's attitude towards our community dogs and cats do no change and continue to brainwash the people to treat them as "nuisance".
I agree that this sign is in line with the current "zero cats" policy! rather than about feeding cats!

baoer said...

i wonder wat's wrong with our country. y r they doing so many anti-cats movement. no feeding, no cats, culling, capturing stray cats to kill, etc etc...

i bet these ppl r dogs in their last life. the cats did nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its just a chinese thing, like how the mainlanders were so eager to kill cats to enhance the cleanliness of their precious olympic city.

Anonymous said...

Poor cats - they don't deserve this.
They get it worst than
1 mosquitoes (dengue fever)
2 flies (a host of diseases including typhoid and dysentery)
3 rats (several diseases
4 cockroaches (you don't want them crawling over your food or house).

Mosquitoes, flies, rats and cockroaches are found everywhere, then why so are there so many posters on cats? Have you seen a poster on ... say cockroaches??

I think many many people get bitten by mosquitoes at least some days of the week. Why not put emphasis on real issues (mosquitoes) than on prejudice (not liking cats)?

Anonymous said...

may i know where is the location of this sign? east?

Anonymous said...

So if we continue to feed, ignoring the sign, do we get fine? Any legal complications?

Anonymous said...

I think i saw this sign at strathmore.

Dawn said...

baoer - I don't think dogs would be so mean. No, this can only be the province of people unfortunately.

Anonymous - I agree. If there are posters on cockroaches, it's because the cats are somehow attracting them there with 'their' leftover food.

Anonymous - coboypb didn't mention where she saw the sign.

Anonymous - unless your town council has a bylaw that specifically states that feeding is not allowed then no there are no legal implications. Last I checked there weren't any. There are laws against littering. If anyone puts a poster up, I would ask them where the law specifically states so and ask to see that law. Otherwise, one day a no breathing sign might go up, and then what? :)

coboypb said...

The sign is found at Blk 12 near ABC Brickworks Food Centre.

Anonymous said...

Why no mention of TC who puts that up? If that is the case, why shd anyone pay heed to that sign? Not much credibility there.
For all you know, someone who doesn't like cat-feeding posted it.

Dawn said...

Thanks coboypb.

Anonymous - it is strange there is no logo. However the TC doesn't 'allow' signs to be posted and any posters put up are usually removed so I'm assuming it was either condoned or put up by the TC.

Anonymous said...

Could it be from the RC? Some RC members do abuse their "power" as some TC officers cower in fear whenever a RC member complain!

Anonymous said...

hdb can stick hdb posters on walls of hdb flats. TCs can stick their posters on hdb notice boards & walls in their own constitutencies.

Is it legal to put up a poster ...say, at a lamp post?
Sometimes ballons are tied to a lamp post to indicate you are going in the right direction to a children party/white cloth to indicate you are on the way to a funeral wake/notices with contact numbers to show the way to showflat.

So can put up posters to indicate kittens for adoption?? Of course will take down posters eventually - just like party/wake/showflat.

I remember the STICK NO BILLS on sides of houses long ago ; ) I have seen an advertisement for swimming instructor and contact number at traffic light.

So who can put up what and where?