Friday, July 11, 2008


Thanks to Chinky for sending in this scan - nice to know that the most touching stories were about cats, but then we already knew that I'm sure!


Aminah Bee said...

It's nice to know the cats stories are featured in a heartlands magazine, where most of the residents stay in HDB and keeping cats are not allowed in the HDB.

I am harbouring an "illegal resident" in my HDB home, a cat name Lucky. Taking dearest Lucky away from me is like taking a part of my life - anyone with pets at home knows this sentiment. Hope HDB change its mind and sympathise with plight of cat owners.

Lucky miracle story is an inspiration to people - never to give up hope in life.

Aminah Bee said...

Forgot to mention the heartlands magazine name is VOICES also known as Voices@Central Singapore. Voices magazine is given out free bi-monthly to residents mailboxes in certain areas in Singapore.

Check out Lucky story, interview in Malay language from TV Suria program "FYI" - here in You Tube video

"Never give up hope and never say die."

Dawn said...

Thanks for the correction Aminah - I've changed it.