Monday, June 16, 2008

Bad Poster

No feeding of Stray Cats, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

Again thank you Chinky for this.

Here on the other hand, is an example of a bad poster. This came from a bigger poster on feeding pigeons as well. This poster also makes no sense - if the cats are fed, they are LESS likely to go into garbage bins. Hungry cats do that - but well fed cats are far LESS likely to do that.


Anonymous said...

Another misleading poster used to generate fear and mistrust of community cats and pigeons (due to prejudice of poster-maker) in the neighbourhood.

This is poisoning of young minds - children may think the information on these posters are true.

Why don't TCs (Tampines/Hong ?) spend residents' money on more posters to prevent spread of REAL disease like dengue fever and prevent the spread of mosquitoes instead?

Like Dawn said, why would cats tip rubbish bins (which are stored behind closed/locked doors under chutes)for food if cats are fed responsibly by cat care-givers? In fact this poster in a strange way - justify the responsible feeding of community cats : )

Besides how could "stench" (sense of smell) be "unsightly" (sense of sight)? Can you see what you smell? The more important issue is how could stench be a health hazard? If "stench is a health hazard" is true, it would mean that everytime you use the toilet, you are being exposed to "health hazard".

What would TC say if you have an infected dengue fever neighbour staying right next to you? Getting sick from your fellow humans (who are of the same species as you) is more real than imaginery health hazards as illustrated by such posters.

Anonymous said...

TC's choose to be blind to who really rumage dustbins!
and leave tons of polluting rubbish in our environment!
The elderly uncles and aunties are digging the big blue bins as well as the recycles bins, often leaving a strewn of garbage on the floor!

Anonymous said...

BTW, "stench" is generated by the garbage tossed out by humans. If TC could clear the garbage soon enough, there would be no stench.
Why blame community cats?

I really wish TCs would treat their residents with courtesy by not insulting their intelligence with such stupid posters.

mettacats said...
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