Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Be a responsible Owner Poster

Be a responsible Owner Poster, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

Having some problems with my internet connection so my blog entries may be a bit more sporadic.

Here's a poster Chinky sent in. Thanks Chinky.


Anonymous said...

How can anyone be caught "permitting" any cats, dogs or animals ..... to defecate... ??
I think the witness has to on hand to see/hear the offender telling his pet, "you can do it here" - thus showing verbal permission/consent was given. Even then, it is one person's word against another.

Anonymous said...

By the way - who is the "Law"??
i would like to know who to avoid being caught in an act (doggie nature call) where i may be liable to be fined $1000.

Next time my pets did an emergency pee/poo, something natural but unplanned for - i would loudly proclaim to all and sundry, "Hey, you cannot do that" thus showing proof that my permission has not been given ; )

On a serious note, i do pick up doggie poo on walks at all times - with plastic liners.

Why waste (esp now that money is tight) with tax-payers money on useless posters. Reduce conservesency charges & ensure that every "public" cent spent is spent wisely.

Dawn said...
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