Monday, June 30, 2008

Irresponsible Feeding

I was speaking with a caregiver today about a woman who feeds in her estate. The woman feeds early in the morning and goes off to work and then does not clear up often till afterwards, which can be as late as in the afternoon when she comes home. The caregiver said that if it rains, it looks as if someone has vomited all over the area because the food gets smeared.

She has spoken with the feeder several times and she says that she doesn't want to get the feeder into trouble because the feeder's husband doesn't like her to feed. The irony in this case is that she says the TC has been quite sympathetic but that the area is a mess and she can see why there are complaints.

After the TC called the last time, she said that she spoke with the feeder again. The feeder threatened to stop feeding - but then left food again that same night. The caregiver explained that the cats might get rounded up and killed, but the feeder was unmoved and said that if that was what happened, then so be it.

I told the caregiver she may have no choice but to let the TC know whom the feeder is. Perhaps if the feeder's husband finds out and is disapproving, that may be a factor that will cause her to stop - and stop putting the cats in danger.

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Anonymous said...

Yes I agree it is time to "sacrifice" the irresponsible feeder. In our estate, we keep tack of such recalcitrant irresponsible feeders and they will be exposed once TC receives any complaint of their mess. Can't be always nice to such feeders, for the sake of the cats.