Friday, June 20, 2008

Do Not feed Pigeons, Cats and Dogs

Here's another poster care of Yskat. Thanks for sending this in. I am wondering why there is a spate of anti-feeding posters of late.


Anonymous said...

I am wondering if TCs have the right to tell its residents what NOT to do - esp if the action is not deemed an offence if there is no littering.

Park authorities could tell you not to feed the monkeys as you are enjoying their facilities without charge. As a guest, it would be polite to oblige.

Dawn said...

Technically the parks are maintained through tax payers' money, so really we are paying to use the parks too.

Anonymous said...

Has this got to do with Dr Teo Ho Pin's Zëro Cat policy?

Sometimes misinformation still gets filtered to the lower rung even though HDB has clarifed "no cats" within HDB flats do not apply to outsidet the flats!

Perhaps Dr Teo needs to be reminded and to inform his moronic lower rung staff that there is NO "Zero" policy!

Anonymous said...

Read what Dr Teo said about Dr Teo's achievements.

Anonymous said...

PAP MP Teo Ho Pin is quite a clever person