Friday, June 6, 2008

Hitting an animal

I'm doing my driver's license here in Maryland and the interesting thing is that there is actually an obligation to notify the police here if you happen to knock down a domestic pet. I was quite impressed by this till I read this article. Poor horse.


Anonymous said...

Apparently this kind of thing happens quite frequently in the US.

There was an article on MSN not long ago about this man who hit and killed this family's dog and then sued them for damage to his car. Most shockingly, many commenters agreed with his actions. One even said that if he hit a child and his car was damaged, he would still sue the parents as it was his right.

Different societies, same afflictions-- greed, materialism and lack of basic EQ.

Anonymous said...

This week's issue of our local English mag had "badluck" things on their coverpage as it's Friday the 13th this week. Ladder, broken mirror.. and what else.. in the corner a black cat :(