Friday, June 20, 2008

Orang Utans on the Singapore Flyer

Putting Orang Utans on the Singapore Flyer seems like a stupid idea - and now it seems that the orang utans were actually very frightened. Considering that there are people who have a fear of heights, one wonders why this was thought to be a good publicity stunt and how exactly it was to have drawn attention to the plight of orang utans. Someone also wrote in to protest in today's online forum.


suntaneye said...

I am speechless. What will be next?

Dawn said...

One is frightened to ask!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone read in the Chinese Sin Min papers that a woman with 8 cats was found to be living with also tens of thousands of cockroaches! I can't believe it!
She used to have 20 cats and the neighbours said that must be the explanation for the roaches.
No wonder people call us Crazy cat woman :( :(

Dawn said...

Hi Anonymous, I didn't see the article. One thing I wonder - was her apartment dirty? It's possible that the cockroaches may have pre-dated the cats. Also if the place is really dirty, I think all the cats in the world won't be able to clear it of cockroaches.