Thursday, June 5, 2008

ST (4-6-08)

Sound familiar? It may be that this isn't just about cats as we suspected but a lack of efficiency within some TCs.


Anonymous said...

I agree that some government departments are just unprofessional in reply to "intelligent" suggestion by giving a slight altered template reply such as this regarding objection to the free loan of cat traps

We refer to your email to REACH concerning the free loan of cat traps which has been forwarded to AVA for attention.

We would like to clarify that as a public service, AVA provides loan
of a cat trap to any person who is bothered by stray cats coming into their premises.

Nonetheless, where we are aware of a person having problems with the
neighbour's cats, we would advise the person to inform the neighbour
of his or her problems with the cats and request the cat owner to
alleviate the situation. AVA officers would also inform the cat owner about the problem and request the owner to abate the problem. In such situations, AVA
would not loan a trap to the person to trap the neighbour's cat.

People who borrow cat traps from AVA are advised not to set the trap on Fridays , Saturdays and the eve of public holidays so that the cats are not kept too long before they are picked up by AVA. They are also advised on the proper handling of the trapped cats to avoid causing them
unnecessary stress. Nevertheless please contact us should you come across any case of animal cruelty regarding trapped cats.

We note your sentiments on stray cats. We believe in the need for a balanced approach as there are residents, like yourself, who are cat lovers while there are others who do not like cats or have a phobia of cats in the community. We would like to point out that the management of stray cats needs a multi-pronged approach. Whilst AVA supports sterilisation of
cats as it helps to prevent unwanted litters which would result in abandonment and more stray cats, culling also has to be carried out concurrently to mitigate the problem. AVA also works closely with animal welfare
groups on the management of stray cats.

Thank you for your feedback.

A response to this feedback was totally and arrogantly ignored!

Dawn said...

The famous template answers :)

Anonymous said...

The childish assumption that anyone who speaks or writes in favour of cat is branded "cat lovers" and hence "fanantics!"
And "cat haters" are given VIP treatment with freebies like a cat trap!
Do the gahmen deserve such high pay for not using their otak to work?

Anonymous said...

This talk about advising the owner is rot. Most of the time people don't even realise that someone is having a problem with their cats until the cats go missing. Even if the cat is tipped ear or has a collar AVA will still take it without even making an effort to look for the owner.

Dawn said...

When you think about it, the person with the cat is at a huge disadvantage. It's much easier to tell who's cat it is then to find out who TRAPPED your cat.