Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Town Council Poster

Town Council Poster, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

Thanks to Chinky for sending this in. This is a very worrying - not to mention misleading - poster. Has anyone else seen it?


^-^ said...

Which TC is this? It's scary that they associate feeding of strays with all sorts of pests. To be accurate, it's not the feeding of strays that attracts pests. It's the plain and simple issue of littering that causes that.

Sometimes I really give up on this world. Why is everyone so intolerant?


Anonymous said...

Sigh...don't have to say that i am afraid of stepping into a clinic to see a doctor (many sick persons had entered before me) than any ants, roaches, birds etc etc.
If there are patients coughing/sneezing/shivering inside the clinic, my chances of getting an infection is higher as we are of the same species.

If a cat has a runny nose in the void deck, what is the chance of my getting a flu from the cat? We are of different species.
If a man is coughing (droplets passed to the air) in closed atmosphere of a lift, it is possible for those around him to get an infection.

This poster is stupid - making some residents feel that they are being singled out for "littering". If you clean up after feeding community cats/dogs, it is not littering.
Just a "Don't litter" and that says it all.

Anonymous said...

Most food poisoning are caused by humans - those do not wash their hands after using the toilet & then prepare food.
If basic hygiene is practised, chances of food poisoning is slim. How often does one get food poisoning?
From pigeons? Pigeons touch your food? Coummunity cats/dogs? They walk all over your food?

This poster is the poisoning of the minds. What would our children learn from this poster?

Anonymous said...

Must add this:
Poster is food for poisoning the minds of our young.

inqcat said...

This poster is so weird!

Why are the arrows pointing from the cockroaches to the rats to the pigeons to the cats? Is the feeder actually feeding cockroaches which will leave food crumbs for rats, pigeons and cats? Hahaha

Why is there a tree protesting against feeding of strays? How does it affect trees whether strays are fed or not?

Trust Tampines Town Council to come up with another idiotic poster.

They should just save their "creative juices" and just get a responsible feeding poster from CWS and paste it side-by-side with a "DO NOT LITTER" sign in font size 300.

Anonymous said...

TC should follow its own advice: Think twice before wasting Tampines residents' money on yet another useless poster.

Yes lingcat - Tampines TC cannot even get the arrows right-so much for "creative juices" going wrong.

Hope the TCs folks read this.

Dawn said...

I have to say I don't get the logic of this poster either. It breeds panic and fear - but it doesn't get to the root of the issue. As a few of you have said, why not just say, don't litter and practise basic hygiene?

Anonymous said...

See this banner at Braddell Height

Anonymous said...

Wednesday • June 11, 2008

Letter from Mariann Maes

GABRIEL Tan’s account of his fight to save a 17-year-old mango tree in “Out on a limb” (June 6) has inspired me to be more courageous in my own fight against environmental “outlaws”, who sometimes include authorities ignorant of the impact of their actions.

Saving Gaia “one tree at a time” may sound cliched and insignificant, but a tree is able to cool and provide shade, and the older the tree, the more foliage it has to provide shade.

Apart from trees, which can be planted anywhere and everywhere without any harm to the environment, no other natural resource can benefit us in the same way.

The tree along Braddell Road that the Land Transport Authority cut down caused much furore among the public.

Its life was cut short because of a few accidents on the newly-revised route. Why should the tree be “punished” because of the recklessness of some drivers?

The same blame game is played out when heavy tree branches fall on pedestrians. Ignorant people might blame the tree as if it had maliciously caused harm.

Although the accidents are nobody’s fault, the tree will suffer just because it has no voice. And the authorities might cave in to public pressure and cut down the tree.

It is time for us to speak for the trees and for other creatures of Gaia. They have given us food, shelter, beauty and other things. Yet, we return the favour with an ungrateful hand.

Anonymous said...

Online Feedback
You can submit your feedback using this online form.
Alternatively you can write your feedback using an email editor and send it to
and enclose a saved copy of the poster.

Anonymous said...

Reply :
Appreciate if you could let me have the block number where you sighted the poster so we can take it down. It is one that has been withdrawn from circulation.

Thanks for your feedback.

Best Regards,

Adelene Yeo
Public Relations Manager
Tampines Town Council
Tel: 6781 2222
Fax: 6783 2208

Blk is 210 Tampines St. 23

Dawn said...

Good to hear Anonymous!

lingcat said...

The Tampines TC did remove such posters on request of caregivers.

In areas with no caregivers or with only irresponsible feeders, the poster is still up.

Dawn said...

Glad to hear it was taken down in areas with caregivers at least though it would have been best if a Responsible Feeding poster was put up instead of this one!

Anonymous said...

It's good they remove the posters or else they have to put up more posters like humans throwing stuffs out of window, unswept drains, littering by residents at every corner, spitting and et.

Who is the person behind the zero IT poster?