Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feeding of Stray Cats and Birds Poster

Placing of Food Poster, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

Thanks to Chinky for sending in this poster. I believe that the section that the poster may be referring to is Section 17 of the Environmental Public Health Act. You can look it up at Singapore Statutes Online. However that section refers to 'throw or leave behind' food or food containers. Caregivers aren't doing that - they are feeding the cats but are going back to clean up afterward.


calsifer said...

Having followed your blog for the past 2 years, I can't help but form the impression that the Tampines TC is hellbent on being anti-cats and anti-caregivers. Why so like that?

Dawn said...

Eloquently put Calsifer.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't food offerings that we are seeing more and more now be the targets of such town council!

I have seen food moldy after many days! Perhaps cleaners think it is bad luck to clear them!Responsible residents must be made to clear up such food offerings! And why are residents NOT complaining of such
"environmental public health" hazards but compulsively focus on any cat-related things!

Dawn said...

I once joked that we should resurrect the cult of Bastet and claim that this is our religion because then no one would be rude to caregivers or try anything with the cats.

Seriously though, I remember a TC officer once telling a caregiver off in front of me and then answering the phone and telling the complainant that she had to be 'tolerant' of burnt joss paper.

It's not about tolerance - it's that people are afraid to say anything wrong if there is any religious element to it. I am certainly an advocate of being sensitive to peoples' beliefs, but it strikes me that this isn't about tolerance in society - it's about fear. Right now, it's socially unacceptable to say anything against children or religion for example, but not about cats. Perhaps that day will change - and then we will truly be tolerant of people and things that are different from 'us'.

calsifer said...

Me first in line to be Bast acolyte.

Anonymous said...

Has this got to do with Dr Teo Ho Pin's Zëro Cat policy?

Sometimes misinformation still gets filtered to the lower rung even though HDB has clarifed "no cats" within HDB flats do not apply to outsidet the flats!

Perhaps Dr Teo needs to be reminded and to inform his moronic lower rung staff that there is NO "Zero" policy!