Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Closeup of poster

Be a Responsible Owner closeup, originally uploaded by dawnkua.

Again thanks to Chinky for this photo.

The concern about this poster is what 'under his charge' means. Could this possibly be extended to caregivers as well?


Chinky said...

This poster is in Marine Terrace. The first impression is that it referred to home cats but it did also cross my mind if such message puts community cats at risk?
I guess the best solution would be for ALL town councils to define home cats but then again, HDB will need to allow cats in and have regulation on home cats, and then define community cats so that such posters will not be misconstrued and overzealous town council officers use to blame community cats!

Anonymous said...

Does the people who put up these posters know anything about pets/animals? The doggie training illustration will not work on most animals/pets. It would work a lot better if you ask owners/care-givers to pick up defecation with plastic bags instead.

Dawn said...

I agree with Chinky - also I can understand that if people let their pets out to wander and they don't pick up it's a problem, but I am concerned with the caregivers.