Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bad service

I received an email from a feeder who said that a TC officer came up and told her off for feeding in her estate. He then proceeded to call the police and was apparently quite rude with her. The police officer apparently told her that she could complain about the officer too. The feeder then got worried and thought about relocating the cats.

Relocation should only ever always be the last option. Removing the cats just means new cats will move in. You cannot keep removing cats forever - nor does it help.

In this case, I urged her to call up the TC and complain. She is thinking of waiting to see the MP, which is fine - but she can also make a complaint based on the behaviour of the officer. For example, the officer does not seem to know what is allowed or not allowed under the bylaws, and is trying to threaten her - all of which is pretty bad customer service. You can, and should, complain to the TC if the officer is in any way rude or threatening. It's just bad service - and every town council officer is the face of their TC and should be expected to adhere to a certain standard of service.


Anonymous said...

Such officers certainly need to be educated that they are paid to serve every resident, cat feeder or not. Some TC officers got power-nut in their heads and think they are feudal lords!

Anonymous said...

Who gave him the authority to behave like a thug and be paid with taxpayers' money?

Feeder can serve him with a legal letter, a protection order against his threatening behaviour, not in line with his job.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the civil service shd be partly rated by the people they serve & promotion/pay rise ($$$$) wld be pegged accordingly. Service should improve.

Dawn said...

Good idea - kind of how tipping ought to work :)