Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ST (23-1-08)

Here's a nice letter that Vegancat sent me this morning. Thanks Vegancat!


ck said...

That has to be one of the most well-thought out and well-written letter to the press about community cats for a long time. And as usual the Straits Times chose to publish it only in their online forum rather than in the printed edition; preferring to print complaint letters about $50 bak kwa instead!

Anonymous said...

Put it this way.... be grateful they even published it.... They could have just thrown the letter into the bin as they do with so many other equally deserving letters. Instead the letters that get published are those that praise our MM for visiting Suharto... letters that complain about a bak kwa increase when everyone knows bak kwa's prices incease when it is CNY... and other really equally nonsensical letters

Online version better than no version in this case... sigh