Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Brochure from ACA

Here's a nice brochure I received in the mail from Alley Cat Allies - they had a nice letter talking about the work they had done, and saying how important it was to work with property managers as well!
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Chinky said...

Would CWS come out with a similar brochure we can hang on the doors? This can come in handy in mediation of the block where there are complaints.
CWS can also "advertise" this by sending out as CNY greeting to the town council officers.
This is how drug companies brainwash doctors to use their products!

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

I'm not sure if that's in the works right now - have just posted a link to the CWS website where Michelle has just outlined the plans for the year ahead.

Anonymous said...

In the local context, it would be good to be polite to our neighbours. The festive periods are the best times to smile and to send over some home-made tarts or biscuits....not to bribe lah, just to 'sweeten' the mood. They would feel a tad bad to complain abt the cats in your flat.
People are so used to junk leaflets they may just toss it away without reading. Just look at the junk at mailboxes. How about making it useful so people would keep it? Like a nice calender on the other side so it could be hooked onto some part of car-info for tearing parking coupons? Or reading lamp or whatever, receiver-friendly? Just long enough for them to read the message.

Dawn said...

Anonymous - I think that's true in ANY context :) If you're very nice to your neighbours, they're probably less inclined to be mean/nasty to you.

I think this was in the context of flyering an entire neighbourhood and for people to put it on every door handle, which isn't what we normally have here. I would suggest if you are flyering, NOT to put it in the mailbox. I usually go door to door and this gives you a better feel of the estate too.