Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year celebrations

New Year celebrations
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Here's hoping everyone had a restful or celebratory (or both!) New Year!


chris said...

scout is jus toooo cute!
happy new year human n cats! =)

Corinne said...

Hi there Dawn!

Glad to be able to communicate with you still, via your new blog. Are you in the US now?

You've been such an integral part of CWS that it's going to be difficult relating to the society without you. And even Dell has stopped helping with the adoption web! (BIG SIGH!!!!....)

But, I'm happy for you, that you're able to take this step away from the minority, but very irritating bunch of people that we, on the other hand, will unenviable continually be faced with -- those who are ignorant, malicious, unreasonable, self-centred and disrespectful of life.

I personally think that I wouldn't have been as resilient as you have been in the past 6 years!

May the New Year be one of many blessings for you :-)

jules said...

Happy New Year, Dawn! Was suffering from withdrawal symptoms and having panic attacks at the thought of "losing" you, hehe... It's comforting to see you sticking around still ... Take care.

Chinky said...

I think this is one of the best gifts of the New Year..Dawn is still around for us all.

Dawn said...

Hi there everyone - didn't think you could get rid of me so easily did you? :)

I'm still in Singapore and will be here for a while. So email if you need me :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, I didn't follow your "ex" site for too long.. who's Scout? Your darling? So cute trying to pop the bottle :)But he does look like he is quite bitey, is he?

Dawn said...

Hi Anonymous - Scout is the three legged little foster kitten who came to stay a while ago and ended up staying for good. She is actually not bitey - but very curious and likes to get her nose (and paws) into everything.

Anonymous said...

haha so scout is a "she" :) She sure doesn't look like a 3 legged cat. A strong survivor, no wonder everyone seems to know who she is... :)
Curious kittens are adorable at first but my cat is getting on my nerves as he matures, he keeps "pushing" my things down to the floor with his paw and I always have to pick up after him.

Dawn said...

Scout is pretty smart though and learns quite quickly what she is and isn't allowed to do so we've been lucky in that respect :)